There are two types of JUPEB Examinations:

JUPEB Entrance Examination
The JUPEB entrance exam is the first examination JUPEB prospective candidates sit for. As its name applies, JUPEB entrance examination is a screening text conducted by various JUPEB university in order to check the standard of candidates being admitted into the programme.

Be duly informed that this JUPEB entrance examination is being conducted at different time depending on the university and the required past mark varies.

Candidates who score below past mark in any JUPEB entrance exams automatically forfeit their opportunity to participate in the JUPEB programme of such institution for the exam year.

For a candidate to be eligible for this entrance exam, such must have the basic JUPEB requirements stated here and also must have obtained the JUPEB application form of their desired JUPEB university.

JUPEB Final Examination
This is the final and general JUPEB examination. This examination is conducted simultaneously nationwide at all affiliated JUPEB universities.

This exam is the only that leads to the issuance of the JUPEB certificate to successful candidates. It is conducted after the successful completion of one JUPEB academic year according to the JUPEB calendar.

JUPEB Examination Grades
The JUPEB final examinations are graded from A – F. Each grade has specific points which are required for admission into any JUPEB universities in Nigeria.

We have clearly analyzed how JUPEB exams are graded on this page> JUPEB POINTS AND SCORES CALCULATOR

JUPEB Examination Duration
The JUPEB examination lasts only three weeks (3 weeks). Each day of the exam is scheduled for two examination subjects. And the time allocated to regular paper is two and half hours (2.30 hours).

Each JUPEB subject examination questions are drafted in line with the updated JUPEB syllabus, thus, students are admonished to download the JUPEB syllabus here and begin their study for the forthcoming examination.

Take advantage of the JUPEB past questions and answers online . Download them for free Here

JUPEB Examination Subjects
JUPEB currently offers examinations in the following nineteen (19) subjects as detailed in its syllabuses.
You can find the list of subjects offered in JUPEB examination below:
Arts & Humanities
Christian Religious Studies
Islamic Religious Studies
Visual Arts
Management & Social Sciences
Business Studies
Agricultural Science

The first of such examinations was conducted in August 2014 and successful candidates were admitted into the 200 Level by JAMB, based on recommendations from the universities.

When Will JUPEB Examination Start?
According to JUPEB governing boards, JUPEB Examinations for the 2018/2019 academic session will hold as detailed in this JUPEB CALENDAR

JUPEB Examination Timetable
The JUPEB examination timetable contains the arrangement of subjects for the conduct of JUPEB exams. You can see the latest JUPEB examination timetable here.

The JUPEB timetable is also available in PDF format for you to download on your gadget.

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