What is Cambridge A’Level?

Cambridge International A’Level is the world’s largest qualification for students seeking admission into 200 level in the University all over the world.

It is an international passport to success in Education, University and Work. Cambridge International A’ level is taken in over 125 countries by around 175,000 students every year.

Cambridge International A’Level opens up a world of opportunity.It helps students get places at all the world’s major English speaking Universities and proves their capabilities to future employers.

What is Cambridge A’Level made of?

Cambridge A’Level is made up of both AS (Advance Subsidiary) and A2 (Advance Level 2). The two components i.e AS & A2 are referred to as Cambridge A’Level. The first stage of A’Level is Advance Subsidiary i.e AS; while the second stage is called A2 (Advance Level 2).

Students can offer Cambridge International AS Level as a qualification in its own right or as a stage on the way to Cambridge International A’ Level.

It should be noted that AS certificate alone cannot be used on its own to secure admission into University until the other part A2 has been fully completed.

Cambridge International A/AS levels are scored at grades A* – E as the same as UK A and AS Level on a subject-for-subject and grade-for-grade basis.

For more information about Cambridge A’Level, visit: www.cie.org.uk