Admission Processing

Study in UK, US, Australia & Canada

College & University Student Admissions services.

This is what you get.

  • UK University Admissions (A Levels, Undergraduate, Postgraduate).
  • We help you with student visa application.
  • We support you with applying for scholarships.
  • We provide information on course & job prospects.
  • We provide career development advice.
  • We provide you information on accommodation.
  • We provide you information on job search, student vacancies and job application.
  • Support with you with post-study visa application.
  • We provide counselling service.


Admission processing into over a hundred (100) high ranking schools in CANADA, USA, UK and EUROPE.

Basic requirements:

Academic Transcripts and Results from high school or university attended.
Three (3) Copies each of Testimonials and Certificates.
TOEFL score.
SAT/GRE/GMAT score (Any, depending on the course/program of your interest).
Three (3) Photocopies of Birth Certificate.
Eight (8) Passport Photographs.
Three (3) Original copies of Statement of account of sponsor and cover letter explaining the Naira equivalent in dollars.
N30,000 for admission placement/processing (3 schools) – undergraduate students.
N50,000 for admission placement/processing (3 schools) – graduate students.
WAEC/NECO scratch card (Only undergraduate students).
Three (3) letters of recommendation.
Medical Clearance (Where applicable).
Statement of Purpose/Personal Essay

Interview preparation

Going for Visa interview.

If you have been requested to come to the British High commission for an interview following a visa application, this is because the UKBA and clearance officer cannot decide your application on paper. In 99% of cases the outcome of your visa application is based on the success of this interview. We often advise our clients to book an Interview advisory section with one of our immigration lawyers. Thus the onus is on you to prove that you are a worthy candidate to be granted a visa.  The clearance officers are trained expert in questioning and interrogating.  Interview with a clearance officer can be technical and daunting. We strongly advise visa applicants to contact us and come for a coaching and preparation section with one of our immigration experts to help you with your interview. We offer this service at a very low cost. If you do not convince the clearance officer, your visa application will be refused.